2015-2019 Local Real Estate Trends

Long story short . . .  IT’S STILL A GREAT TIME TO SELL!!!

2019 is “in the books” and our local Real Estate trends are continuing.

Check out the following stats for Clinton-Eaton-Ingham County, single family home sales for Calendar Years 2015 through 2019 based on data from the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors:

*Average Sale Price is up from ~$144,000 to $181,000, an increase of 25.6%

*Average Days to Sell is down from 67.8 days to 51.2 days, a decrease of 24.5%

Also interesting (not shown in the graph above), Selling Price as a percent of list Price (SP/LP) has increased from 97.0% to 98.6%, meaning that houses are selling closer to the price that they are originally listed for

Homes are selling:


Why is this happening?  As the demand for homes in our area continues to rise there just aren’t enough homes to sell.  This is a frustrating situation for Buyers who are encountering a VERY competitive Buyer’s Market including multiple-bid situations and over-bids. 

What can Buyers do?  Be sure to work with an experienced agent that is in touch with the market and be ready to move quickly when you find the perfect home.

Whether Selling or Buying, give me a call, I would love to talk to you about your plans and offer my assistance in helping meet your real estate goals.  “My goal is achieving yours”