Should you list your home for sale during the Holidays?

For some people the Holidays are stressful (also hopefully joyful).  For most people selling your home is stressful.  So why in the world would anyone consider putting your house on the market during the Holidays?  Several reasons: 

  • Job transfers
  • change in family status
  • you found a house you want to move to
  • you follow the school of thought that the Holiday season is a GOOD time to put your house on the market

December is typically the month during which the fewest homes are listed for sale.  The reasons most people don’t like to list homes for sale in December are obvious, everyone is busier during the Holiday season, many homes are filled with Holiday decorations and the weather in Mid-Michigan is not always the best.  Other reasons include difficulty in Financing due to Lender Holidays in late December, a smaller inventory of buyers and low-ball offers (

What then would be the reasons to list during the Holidays?  Buyers buy homes all year long, there is less competition and you may be able to actually “showcase” your home during the Holiday season. offers some advice for homes listed during the Holidays (

  • Decorate but don’t go overboard
  • Throw a Holiday party for the neighbors to showcase your home
  • Use holiday lighting to brighten up the exterior
  • Keep walkways clear of snow/ice

My husband had our home listed during the holidays a few years ago signing a Purchase Agreement on December 27th.  Was it stressful, yes, but we were please with the offer received.  Whether or not to list at this “Most Wonderful” time of the year is really a personal choice but could be a strategic one if you believe your home could benefit from less competition and the “holiday glow”.